Eurovision Asia: More details on the event revealed

Eurovision Asia: More details on the event revealed

More details on the mechanism and organiztation of the Eurovision Asia song contest project have gone public after last week’s news that the first Eurovision Asia contest will be held in Australia in December 2019. 

Specifically, last September 2018, officials of the the Events, Tourism and Governance department of the Gold Coast, which rumors want it as the host city, held a meeting in order to discuss on Australia’s national final  “Australia:You Decide” and on Eurovision Asia. The agenda on that meeting had  as following: 

The oraganization of Eurovision Asia

It was decided that Blink TV, a channel with mostly comedy, music and entertainent programs , will maintain alongside with the Australian national broadcaster , SBS, the rights of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest from 2019 to 2031. The contest will be held over 8 nights while a total of 16 countries will participate. In the specific meeting all parts put down a provisionary timeline of the preparations of the project which will unfold as following: 

October 2018 – partners and sponsors of the show will be announced

November 2018 – host city and venue announcement

May 2019 – all the participating countries, the theme of the contest and information on ticket sales will be revealed

June 2019 – the stage design will be revealed

July 2019 – the presenters of the show will be revealed

September 2019 – the final list of all competing artists and their songs will be announced

December 2019 – the red carpet and official welcome party will take place, alongside rehearsals and the live show


The Eurovision Asia Song Contest will be held in decided cities the years from 2019 to 2031 om a rotation base, among which Gold Coast will be one of them every 4 years up to 2031. According to latest rumors and reports the Gold Coast Convention Centre seems to be the venue for the first edition of the contest in 2019. 


The show will have a duration of 3 hours  and will be broadcasted in all participating countries. SBS announced that it will be broadcasting daily some 30 minute shows on the preparations backstage and the rehearsals.Το σόου το οποίο αναμένεται να διαρκέσει συνολικά 3 ώρες, θα μεταδοθεί ζωντανά σε όλες τις συμμετέχουσες χώρες. In non participating countries the show will be watched through the official Youtube channels of Eurovision Asia and The Eurovision Song Contest


At the moment discussions are underway with China, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore and The United Arab Emirates. The organizers have approached other countries in the region of Asia and Middle East, but no reports so far specify which exaclty other countries are in discussions for participating.


The final result will be determined by a 50% public voting and another 50% of jury voting. The plan speaks of a voting according to the Melodifestivalen format as implemented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016..

What do you thing of the Eurovision Asia held under these terms? Do you agree with the export of the European Song Contest to the region of Asia and Australia?

Angelo D.

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