Eurovision Home Concerts: Seven more acts to perform in the 2nd episode

Eurovision Home Concerts: Seven more acts to perform in the 2nd episode

Following its first episode the “Eurovision Home Concert” series, issued by Eurovision tv, continues to unfold on April 10 with the second episode featuring seven more new act from the Eurovision family. 

The Format

Eurovision Home Concerts is Eurovision tv’s   new series on its YouTube and social channels to bring the music to the people. The project features several Eurovision artists which  sing their ESC entries and a cover that is determined by an online voting.The choice of cover song is voted on by the social media followers using a poll with 4 possible options, as chosen by the artist themselves.

The second set of acts has been announced for the second episode of Eurovision Home Concerts. A total of seven talented acts will be performing in the next episode of Eurovsion Home Concerts. These are:

  • Daði (Iceland 2020)

Daði won the Icelandic national final Songvakeppnin 2020, and earned the  right to represent Iceland at Eurovision 2020 with the song “Think About Things”. However he didn’t manage to reach Rotterdam since the contest was cancelled while RUV hasn’t revealed yet its intentions for Eurovision 2021. 

  • Montaigne (Australia 2020)

Montaigne won the second Australian national final Eurovision: Australia Decides with her song “Don’t Break Me”. Although she never had the chance to complete her Eurovison journey to Rotterdam, SBS has confimred that she will be back at Eurovision 2021 .

  • Vasil (North Macedonia 2020)

Vasil was internally selected to represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam with his song ” You”. The national broadcaster hasn’t confirmed so far whether Vasil will return to Eurovision 2021 or it will select a new artist.

  • Aksel (Finland 2020)

Aksel from Finland won this year’s Finnish national final ,UMK 2020, with his song “Looking Back” but unfortunately didn’t make it to Rotterdam as the contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland 2020)

The Swiss act was selected through an internal selection format based on a 21 member international jury and a 100 membered audience panel. In Rotterdam he was set to perform his song  Répondez-moiDespite missing this year’s contest due to the cancellation caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, he will have a second chance to represent the country in next year’s contest.

  • Jamala (Ukraine 2016)

According to the online voting result  she will sing apart from “1944” the Eurovision 2019 winning song, Arcade

Jamala represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2016, in Stockholm with her song “1944” which topped the final scoreboard bringing the trophy to Kiev.

  • Leonora (Denmark 2019)

According to the online poll she will perform apart from her Eurovision entry, the Eurovision 2009 winning entry “Satellite”Leonora represented Denmark at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv with her entry ” Love is forever” and finished in the 12th place with 120 points.

The second episode of Eurovision Home Conerts is set to take place on April 10 at 17:00 CEST. In case you missed out the first episode of Eurovision Home Concerts released on April 3 you can watch it on the following video:


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