Eurovision Home Concerts: Seven new acts confirmed for the fifth episode

Eurovision Home Concerts: Seven new acts confirmed for the fifth episode

Following its first , secondthird, and fourth episode the “Eurovision Home Concerts” series, issued by Eurovision tv, continues to unfold on May 1 with the fifth episode featuring  more talented acts from the Eurovision family. 

The Format

Eurovision Home Concerts is Eurovision tv’s  new series on its YouTube and social channels to bring the music to the people. The project features several Eurovision artists which  sing their ESC entries and a cover that is determined by an online voting.The choice of cover song is voted on by the social media followers using a poll with 4 possible options, as chosen by the artist themselves.

The next set of acts has been confirmed for the 5th episode of Eurovision Home Concerts.  Seven more talented acts will be performing in the next episode of Eurovsion Home Concerts set to be released on May 1. These are:


  • Tom Leeb (France 2020)

Tom was internally selected by French national broadcaster, France 2, to represent the country with the song “Mon Alliée (The Best In Me)” . The entry is an emotional ballad written in French and English lyrics. However, Tom saw his Eurovision journey stay incomplete as this year’s Eurovision was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. While the French broadcaster hasn’t yet cleared its intentions for Eurovision 2021, Tom will perform on the next episode of Eurovision Home Concerts in addition to his ESC 2020 entry, the song “Arcade” ( The Netherlands 2019- Duncan Laurance).


  • Senhit 

Senhit was internally selected this year to represent San Marino in Rotterdam performing the song “Freaky”. Like the other 40 ESC 2020 participants, Senhit didn’t have the chance to perform on the Eurovision stage due to this year’s cancellation, but will perform on the next episode of Eurovision Home Concerts singing apart from her ESC entry the song “L’Essenziale” (Italy 2013 – Marco Mengoni).

  • Zibbz 

The group Zibbz consists of the two siblings Corinne (34 years old) and Stefan Gfeller (33 years old). They come from Zurich, Switzerland, but they are active in Los Angeles. They were selected through the Die Entscheidungsshow national final to represen Switzerland at Eurovision 2018 with their song “Stones” failed to reach the grand final as it finished 13th in the 1st semi final show. Apart from their ESC entry Zibbz will perform the song “Nobody But You” (Austria 2018 – Cesár Sampson)

  • Ben Dolic (Germany 2020)

Ben Dolic was internally selected by the German broadcaster, NDR, to represent the country at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. The German hopeful was to perform his song “Violent thing” but due to the ESC 2020 cancellation never had the chance to sing in The Netherlands. The German broadcaster hasn’t yet revealed its plans for next year’s edition. Besides his ESC 2020 entry, Ben will perform according to the online voting result Bulgarias’s ESC 2017 entry sung by Kristian Kostov.

  • Samanta Tina (Latvia 2020)

Samanta Tina won the Latvian national final, Supernova 2020 with her electro pop entry ‘Still Breathing’ and earned the right to represent the country in Rotterdam. Samanta didn’t have the chance to perform in Rotterdam as this year’s contest was cancelled and LRT hasn’t yet cleared out its intentions for Eurovision 2021. Samanta will be performing apart from her ESC 2020 entry the ESC 2008 entry Shady Lady (Ukraine 2008)


  • Sandro 

Sandro was internally selected by the Cypriot national broadcaster, CyBC, to represent the island of Aphrodite at Eurovision 2020. Sandro was to perform his song “Running” in Rotterdam Ahoy but as the contest was cancelled was deprived the chance to compete in The Netherlands. Sandro will be singing his entry and the Australian ESC 2015 entry “Tonight Again” ( Guy Sebastian)

  • Roxen 

Roxen was intenally selected to represent Romania at Eurovision 2020 with her song “Alcohol You” that was chosen through a national selection among 4 candidate songs. TVR has already confirmed that Roxen will have a second chance to represent the country at Eurovision 2021 with a new song. In the next episode Roxen will perform her ESC 2020 entry and the Swedidh ESC 2014 entry “Undo” ( Sana Nielsen )



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