Eurovision Home Concerts: These are the acts to appear in the sixth episode

Eurovision Home Concerts: These are the acts to appear in the sixth episode

Following its first , secondthird,  fourth and fifth episode the “Eurovision Home Concerts” series, issued by Eurovision tv, continues to unfold on May 8 with the sixth episode featuring  more talented acts from the Eurovision family. 

The Format

Eurovision Home Concerts is Eurovision tv’s series on its YouTube channel and social media accounts aiming to bring the music  people. The project features several Eurovision artists which sing their ESC entries and a cover that is determined by an online voting.The choice for the cover song is voted by the social media followers through a poll with possible options  chosen by the artist themselves.

The next set of acts has been confirmed for the 6th episode of Eurovision Home Concerts.  Seven more talented acts will be performing in the next episode of Eurovsion Home Concerts set to be released on May 8. These are:

  • Jedward (Ireland 2011&2012) Lipstick(2011) & Waterline(2012) & Satellite (Germany 2010)
  • The Mamas (Sweden 2020)Move
  • Benny Cristo (Czech Republic 2020)Kemama
  • Efendi (Azerbaijan 2020)Cleopatra & Drip Drop (Azerbaijan 2010-Safura)
  • James Newman (United Kingdom 2020) –  Last Breath & Birds (The Netherlands 2013 -Anouk)
  • SuRie (United Kingdom 2018) Storm & Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland 2006- Lordi)
  • Lea Sirk (Slovenia 2018)Hvala ne! &  If Love Was A Crime (Bulgaria 2016- Poli Genova)
  • Michela (Malta 2019)Chameleon & Where I Am (Denmark 2017 – Anja Nissen)
  • Hera Bjork (Iceland 2010)  – Je Ne Sais Quoi  &  Eres Tu (Spain 1973- Mocedades)
  • Paula Seling & Ovi  (Romania 2010 & 2014)Play With Fire (2010) & Miracle (2014) & Fairytale (Norway 2009- Alexander Rybak)
  • Suzy (Portugal 2014)Quero Ser Tua & A Million Voices (Russia 2015 – Polina Gagarina)

Fann are invited to vote for the cover songs the Eurostars should perform through the ESC social media accounts.


Stay tuned for any other acts to be confirmed for the sixth episode of Eurovoision Home Concerts. 

Angelo D.

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