Eurovision Home Concerts: These are the acts to perform in the fourth episode

Eurovision Home Concerts: These are the acts to perform in the fourth episode

Following its first , second episode and third episode, the “Eurovision Home Concerts” series, issued by Eurovision tv, continues to unfold on April 24 with the fourth episode featuring  more talented acts from the Eurovision family. 

The Format

Eurovision Home Concerts is Eurovision tv’s  new series on its YouTube and social channels to bring the music to the people. The project features several Eurovision artists which  sing their ESC entries and a cover that is determined by an online voting.The choice of cover song is voted on by the social media followers using a poll with 4 possible options, as chosen by the artist themselves.

The next set of acts has been confirmed for the 4th episode of Eurovision Home Concerts.  Nine more  talented acts will be performing in the next episode of Eurovsion Home Concerts set to be released on April 24. These are:

 Victoria (Bulgaria 2020) – The  Mamas (Sweden 2020)  –  KEiiNO (Norway 2019)


Victoria was internally selected by the Bulgarian national broadcaster, BNT, to represent the country in Rotterdam with her song “Tears geting sober” . Although her Eurovision journey stayed incomplete as the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, BNT unveiled that it will be continuing with Victoria in next year’s edition. Victoria will have to find for a new song since EBU decided that the ESC 2020 are not eligible to compete in Eurovision 2021.

The Mamas won this year’s Melodifestivalen edition with their entry “Move” and earned the right to represen the country at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. Unfortunately for them the didn’t make it to the stage cause of the ESC 2020 cancellation and will have to battle again for the right to represent Sweden after SVT’s decision to select a new representative for 2021 through the Melodifestivalen 2021.

KEiiNO Alexandra Rotan, Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo) won the Melodi Grand Prix 2019 and went on representing Norway with their entry Spirit in the sky, α rhythmic pop dance song with  Joik elements, the traditional music of Sami.This will be the first time the specific language will be heard on the Eurovision stage. The newly formed trio, gave an energetic , dynamic performance on stage that allowed them to top the televoting becoming the pubic’s favorite while on the overall scoreboad they finished in the honorable 6th place.

Ben Dolic (Germany 2020)

Ben Dolic was internally selected by the German broadcaster, NDR, to represent the country at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. The German hopeful was to perform his song “Violent thing” but due to the ESC 2020 cancellation never had the chance to sing in The Netherlands. The German broadcaster hasn’t yet revealed its plans for next year’s edition. Besides his ESC 2020 entry, Ben will perform according to the online voting result Bulgarias’s ESC 2017 entry sung by Kristian Kostov.

Eugent Bushpepa (Albania 2018)


Eugent Bushpepa won the Albanian national festival (Festivali i Kenges 2017)   and represented the country at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. His entry “Mall” came 11th in the Grand final, marking the country’s third best result in the competition up to date. Eugent according to online voting will perform also the Norwegian ESC 2014 entry “Silent Storm” sung by Carl Espen in Copenhagen.

Stefania (Greece 2020/2021)

The younger ESC 2020 participant come from Greece. The country’s national broadcaster has internally selected Stefania to represent Greece at Eurovision 2020 with her song Superg!rl composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE while the team of its lyricists includes Dimitris KontopoulosArcade and Sharon Vaughn . As for the rest 40 participants the cancellation of this year’s contest deprived Stefania the chance to perform in Rotterdam. However, ERT , has already confirmed that it will continue its collaboration with Stefania and her team in next year’s edition.

Paenda –  Elisa –  Ana Soklič –  Damir Kedžo 

Paenda was intenally selected by the Austrian national broadcaster, ORF, to represent the country at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. The Austrian act performed ‘Limits’  competing in the second semi final but failed to qualify to the grand final show. 

Elisa won the Portuguese national final, Festival da Cançao 2020 with her song “Medo de sentir”. Like the rest ESC 2020 contestants she never had the chance to perform in Rotterdam because of the ESC 2020 cancellation. Although Portugal’s national broadcaster, RTP, hasn’t revealed its plans for ESC 2021 the act herself has stated that we won’t see her in next year’s edition. 

Ana Soklič won this year’s Slovenian national final, EMA 2020, with her entry “Voda”. Unfortunately for her, her Eurovision journey was interrupted from the contest’s cancellation. The Slovenian broadcaster hasn’t yet confirmed its intentions for Eurovision 2021. 

Damir Kedžo earned the right to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2020 after winning the national final, DORA 2020, with his entry “Divlji Vjetre”. Although the Croatian broadcaster, HRT, has confirmed its Eurovision 2021 participation no information has been released on wheather it will hold a new national selection or continue with Damir. 

The 4th episode of “Eurovision Home Concerts” will be released on’s official Youtube channel on the 24th of April at 17:00 CEST.

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