Eurovision: Norma John and Kasia Moś in their new duet

Eurovision: Norma John and Kasia Moś in their new duet

Two eurostars join forces in a new song and prove that the Eurovision Song Contest is also a meeting place for artists where it can be the beginning of beautiful collaborations like this one. Kasia Moś and Norma John released their new song, basically fulfilling what they had announced since last November.

Both had represented their countries in last year’s Eurovision. Kasia Moś with  “Flashlight” came to 22 for Poland, while Norma John, despite being considered one of the favorites of the contest, failed to qualify to the Final with “Blackbird”.


The newly released duo is called “Wild Eyes” and is part of Kasia’s second studio album to be released later.

The song is signed by Norma John, along with Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Lilly Ahlberg. Kasia’s brother, like the “Flashlight”, plays a violin while Piotr Witkowski, Lasse and Kasia herself produce.

The song is closer to the Norma John style, while the video clip is shot in a forest. The theme of Wild Eyes is the man’s connection to nature.

Enjoy it below:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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