Eurovision Song Celebration: Watch tonight the finalists’ ‘Live On Tape’ performances

Eurovision Song Celebration: Watch tonight the finalists’ ‘Live On Tape’ performances

The second part of the ‘Eurovision Song Celebration’ show will be broadcast this evening at 21:00 CET on the official Eurovision YouTube Channel during which we’ll see the ‘Live On Tape’ videos of this year’s ESC finalists.

 Following last evening’s first part of ‘Eurovision Song Celebration’, the special show returns for a second show showcasing the Live On tape Videos of the ESC 2021 finalists. 

For this year’s edition of Eurovision, the 39 competing countries had to make a pre recorded live on-tape performance of their entries that they had submit by late March before the contest, in order to guarantee their participation in case the delegation was unable to travel to Rotterdam due to covid-19 restrictions or a quarantine in their countries or if they didn’t reach the stage to record a rehearsal before being tested positive. Eventually only Australia wasn’t able to travel to Rotterdam and Montaigne competed with her back up peformance in the first semi final. 

In this evening show the on tape videos of the grand final participants will be released, presented in a special show hosted by Krista Siegfrieds. The on tape performances that we’ll see tonight will be of the following countries: 

  1. Cyprus
  2. Albania
  3. Israel
  4. Belgium
  5. Russia
  6. Malta
  7. Portugal
  8. Serbia
  9. Greece
  10. Switzerland
  11. Iceland
  12. Spain
  13. Moldova
  14. Germany
  15. Finland
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Lithuania
  18. Ukraine
  19. France
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. Norway
  22. Netherlands
  23. Italy
  24. Sweden
  25. San Marino

Notably, the U.K decided not to release their on tape performance and let the audience with the first impression from their respective live performance on Rotterdam Ahoy’s stage. 

How to Wacth

The second episode of  Eurovision Song Celebration will  be released at 21:00 CET  and you can watch it onThe Eurovision Song Contest Official Youtube Channel.

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