Eurovision Trivia: Juries vs Audience (part B)

Eurovision Trivia: Juries vs Audience (part B)

Since the introduction of the juries in the 2008 Contest, we have seen many times them to change the final result of each country’s qualification and its ranking of the Grand Final, with most of the times having a lot of negative reactions from the Contest’s fans and not only.

This tribute, which consists of three parts, will see what songs, which while the television audience had them high in their preference, the juries sank them , depriving them a chance to the Final but also a good result there.

In the first part of this tribute, which you can read HERE, we saw what happened between  in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

Now in the second part, it’s time to see which televoting favorites did not have the “love” of the juries in 2012,2013,2014.

We start with 2012, where the Contest was held in distant Baku.

In the first semifinal, we come across a country that, while the television audience had given it the qualification, the jury ranked it low, resulting in losing the ticket to the final.

This country is Switzerland. The country, represented by Sinplus, with the song “Unbreakable”.

Sinplus came 10th in the television audience and 13th in the judging panels, with the combination of votes bringing them to 11th place and outside of Saturday’s Final.

Another entry that had been in the tenth of the television audience (8th) was Iceland, while winning the 11th place in juries,  blocking the country in the semifinal.

The country was represented by Greta Salóme and Jónsi and the song “Never Forget”.

An entry that, although a favorite, did not have the expected fortune at the Final.

In the second semifinal, we meet not just one but four countries, while the television audience had them in their 10th qualifying, the juries sank them with their vote.

These are Bulgaria, Norway, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Bulgaria is represented by Sofi Marinova with “Love Unlimited”. Sofi, came 9th to televoting and 17th to the jury, without being able to qualify to the Final.

Tooji represented Norway this year in the Contest. Tooji sang to us “Stay“, winning 6th place in televoting.

Tooji managed to qualify to the Final, despite the last position given to him by the jury.

The Netherlands also, despite the difficult Semi-final, came 10th in televoting, a position that in the past would have given it the qualification to the Final. However, the juries ranked sweet Joan Franka and “You and Me”, in 16th place, with the combination of votes to bring Joan out of the Final.

The last country to be plundered by the jury, despite its high position in Televoting, was Turkey.

The country was represented by Can Bonomo. Can, took the 4th position from the European audience in this semifinal. “Love Me Back” was not loved by  the judging panles, which gave it the 13th place, but it was not enough to leave it out of the Finals.

The dabbling was continued in the Final, with Greece, Ireland, Romania, and again Turkey, coming to a low position in the committee’s preference, unlike the television audience ranked all them in the 10th.

Greece is represented by Eleftheria Eleftheriou with the song “Aphrodisiac“. The favorite of fans, Eleftheria, brought Greece for the first time in the top 10 of the TV audience (9th place), unlike the judges sent  it to  18th place. In the end, after the combinations of votes, she dropped to 17th.

Ireland was represented,as in the previous year, by Jedward. The twin brothers from Ireland came 10th in televoting, and they were sacked by the judging panels, scoring only 14 points and taking 25th place. Eventually they came 19th.

Romania was another underprivileged entry by  the jury members. Mandinga with “Zaleilah“. The Mandinga once again brought Romania to top 10 of the televoting, but the jury had another point of view, limiting them to the 20th position. Eventually, they won the 12th place.

Finally,Turkey, with Can Bonomo, was also found corrupt at the juries, which gave him 50 points and 20th place, as opposed to the TV audience that gave him the 4th place. In the end, Turkey took the seventh place.

In 2013, the competition was held in Malmö, Sweden.

In the 1st semifinal, Montenegro, represented by Who See and the song “Igranka“, managed to come fourth in Televoting. One place that the country had not seen before, and if the old system, only televoting, would have qualified for the first time to the Final (until that year), something which it did the following day.

Who See came 14th in the juries and with the combination of votes they ended 12th.

Lithuania, with Andrius Pojavis and “Something”, came to 11th place in the jury, the audience saved him, having given him 5th place and the combination of votes coming 9th and passing to the final.

In the second semifinal, while Bulgaria came 6th in televoting, the jury ranked 17th (last), so it did not qualify tothe Grand Final. The country was represented by Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov (Bulgaria 2007) and the song “Samo shampioni“.

Switzerland came to fifth place in the television audience and 16th in the juries. Unfortunately, Switzerland also missed the Final. Takasa, with “You and Me”, came 13th in the second semifinal.

Hungary and Romania, although qualified to the Final, they were outside the final by the juries voting solely.

Specifically, the juries ranked Hungary in 11th place and Romania ranked 13th.

Hungary was  represented by ByeAlex and “Kedvesem” (8th at Televoting).

On the other hand, Romania came 1st in televoting of the second semifinal, with Cezar and “It’s My Life“.

Hungary and Romania were the underpriviled entries of the judges , with Hungary coming to the 8th in the television audience and 21st in the committees and on the other with Romania, taking the seventh place in the televoting and the juries to be ranked 24th.

Finally, at the Final, Greece was also a victim of the juries. The judging panels gave Koza Mostra and Agathon the 14th place, while the television audience of Europe had them four. Finally, after the combination of votes “Alcohol Is Free” came 6th.

In 2014, the contest was held in Copenhagen.

In the 1st semifinal, we come across 3 countries, who were in the top 10 of the television audience, the jury had a different view.

These countries are San Marino, Portugal and Russia.

San Marino was represented for the third consecutive year by Valentina Monetta. “Maybe” was sung by Valentina, taking 8th place in televoting and 13th in juries.

After the combination of votes, San Marino finished 10th, managing to qualify for the first time in its history in the Contest, to the Grand Final.

Suzy, on the other hand, represented Portugal, although the European public gave her 7th place with 72 points, the countries’ judges ranked her last (16th), with just 17 points.

Eventually, “Quero ser tua“, came 11th in the semifinal with 39 points, losing the qualification to the Final for only one point.

Finally, Russia with “Tolmachevy Sisters”, came to the 11th in the committees and 6th to the public. However, “Shine” did not lose its position at Saturday’s Final.

At the Final, they were again 6th in the television audience but 13th in the Juries.

In the 2nd Semi-Final, Poland and Ireland ,while they passed to the final  from televoting, the juries had them off with either of those two countries losing the qualification.

Ireland, with Can-Linn feat. Kasey Smith and ” Heartbeat“, when he came 10th on televoting, the juries had the 13th, losing this way the qualification.

Finally, Poland, which has returned to the Contest since its last appearance in 2012, while it was third on the telecast of the 2nd semifinal, took the 12th place in the committees.

However, Donatan and Cleo and “My Słowianie – We Are Slavic”, were 8th at the Final.

Poland, too, was offended in the final by the judges, after 23rd, while on televoting 5th. Eventually, he finished 14th with 62 points.

Finishing 2014, and reaching the Final, besides the aforementioned Poland, three more countries while in the 10th of the European audience were outside of the jury.

Switzerland was the 7th in the public and the 20th in the committees, Romania 9th and 17th respectively and finally Ukraine 8th and 12th.

Switzerland with Sebalter and Hunter with “Stars” finished 13th.

Romania with Paula Seling & Ovi, who once again represented the country  in 2011, with “Miracle“, came 12th.

Finally, Mariya Yaremchuk, came 6th, with “Tick-Tock” not being so affected by the juries.

This is where the second part of the tribute is concluded with entries which, while the television audience was either high on their preference or had been awarded the qualification to the Grand Final of Eurovision, the opinion of the jury was completely different.

Stay tuned for the Part C, where we will analyze years 2015, 2016, 2017.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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