Watch the last episode of “Eurovision Home Concerts” Watch the last episode of “Eurovision Home Concerts”

Following the previous six episodes of the “Eurovision Home Concerts” series , the 7th and last episode was released earlier this afternoon on the official Eurovision Song Contest Youtube channel.

The Format

Eurovision Home Concerts has been the last 6 weeks Eurovision tv’s series on its YouTube and social media channels to bring the music to the people. The project featured several Eurovision artists which sing their ESC entries and a cover that was determined by an online voting.The choice of the cover song was voted by the social media followers using a poll with options chosen by the artist themselves.

Earlier this afternoon the 7th and last episode was released and saw the following nine acts perform their entries and an additional cover song selected by an online voting:

  • Diodato (Italy 2020) – Fai Rumore
  • Go_A (Ukraine 2020) – Solovey
  • MELOVIN (Ukraine 2018) – Under The Ladder
  • IMRI (Israel 2017) – I Feel Alive & Grande Amore (Italy 2015)
  • Secret Garden (Norway 1995) – Nocturne
  • Eimear Quinn (Ireland 1996) – The Voice & Repondez Moi (Switzerland 2020)
  • Dana (Israel 1998) – All Kinds of Everything (Ireland 1970)
  • Yohanna (Iceland 2009)  – Is It True & Euphoria (Sweden 2012)
  • Dami Im (Australia 2016) – Sound Of Silence & Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria 2014)

You can watch the last episode in the following video:

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