Watch the third episode of ‘Eurovision Home Concerts’ Watch the third episode of ‘Eurovision Home Concerts’

Following the first episode and second episode of the “Eurovision Home Concerts” series , the third episode was releaesed earlier this afternoon by through its official Youtube channel.

The Format

Eurovision Home Concerts is Eurovision tv’s   new series on its YouTube and social channels to bring the music to the people. The project features several Eurovision artists which  sing their ESC entries and a cover that is determined by an online voting.The choice of cover song is voted on by the social media followers using a poll with 4 possible options, as chosen by the artist themselves.

This afternoon the third episode was broadcast and saw the following eight acts perform their entries and an additional  cover song selected by an online voting:

Jeangu Macrooy (The Netherlands 2020) performed Grow and Tears Getting Sober (Bulgaria 2020)

Uku Suviste (Estonia 2020) performed What Love Is and Euphoria (Sweden 2012)

Hurricane (Serbia 2020) performed  Hasta La Vista and Qele Qele (Armenia 2008)

Ulrikke (Norway 2020)  performed Attention and Heroes (Sweden 2015)

Lesley Roy (Ireland 2020) performed Story Of My Life and Too Late For Love (Sweden 2019)

Victor Crone (Estonia 2019) performed Storm and Goodbye To Yesterday (Estonia 2015)

Lake Malawi (Czech Republic 2019) performed Friend Of A Friend and Say Na Na Na (San Marino 2019)

Jalisse (Italy 1997) performed Fiumi Di Parole amd Gente Di Mare (Italy 1987)

The show saw as special guests  Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009&2018), Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016&2019) and Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005)

In case you missed out you can watch the full 3rd episode in the following video:

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