#EurovisionAgain: Ani Lorak wins the voting for the 2008 contest

#EurovisionAgain: Ani Lorak wins the voting for the 2008 contest

#Eurovision Again has given the opportunity to Eurovision fans to watch once again the past Eurovision Song Contests and feel again the excitement and the joy from each edition. Each Saturday at 21:00 CET fans can watch the past editons and experience the joy and madness of the contest without any interruptions. Last Saturday night the 2008 edition was rebroadcasted followed by a new online fan voting that saw Ani Lorak winner with her entry “Shady Lady”.

Eurovision 2008

This time the edition of the 2018 contest was rebroadcast on the ESC Youtube channel,  bringing on our screens the spectacular performances in Belgrade and the exciting voting results of the jury and televoting which then crowned winner Dima Bilan fro Russia and his entry “Believe”.

However things didn’t go exaclty the same for Dima Bilan in the online voting that took place online on Twitter as Russia finished 9th while Ani Lorak won the voting for Ukraine and her song ‘Shady Lady’. Second came Kalomira from Greece with her ‘Secret Combination’ . In the 3rd place we saw Euroband from Iceland gaining 11 spot from their actual results back in 2008 while Armenia with Sirusho maintained its 4th placing. The good  news came for Sweden that climbed 13 places on the scoreboard as Charlotte Perrelli with ‘Hero’  achieved to finish 5th.


Here are the results comparing them to the actual ones back in 2008:

  1. Ukraine – Ani Lorak -“Shady Lady” (+1)
  2. Greece – Kalomira –“My Secret Combination” (+1)
  3. Iceland – Euroband  –“This Is My Life” (+11)
  4. Armenia – Sirusho –“Qélé, Qélé” (-)
  5. Sweden – Charlotte Perrelli -“Hero” (+13)
  6. Turkey – Mor ve Ötesi –“Deli” (+1)
  7. Serbia – Jelena Tomašević feat. Bora Dugić – “Oro” (-1)
  8. Norway – Maria Haukaas Storeng -“Hold On Be Strong” (-3)
  9. Russia – Dima Bilan -“Believe” (-8)
  10. Portugal – Vânia Fernandes –Senhora do mar (Negras águas)” (+4)
  11. Israel – Boaz Ma’uda -“The Fire in Your Eyes (-2)
  12. France – Sébastien Tellier -“Divine” (+7)
  13. Latvia – Pirates of the Sea -“Wolves of the Sea” (-1)
  14. Bosnia Herzegovina – Laka –“Pokušaj” (-3)
  15. Azerbaijan – Elnur and Samir – “Day After Day” (-7)
  16. Finland – Teräsbetoni –“Missä miehet ratsastaa” (+6)
  17. Spain – Rodolfo Chikilicuatre –“Baila el Chiki-chiki” (-1)
  18. United Kingdom  Andy Abraham -“Even If” (+7)
  19. Albania– Olta Boka -“Zemrën e lamë peng” (-2)
  20. Denmark – Simon Mathew – “All Night Long” (-5)
  21. Georgia – Diana Gurtskaya -“Peace Will Come” (-9)
  22. Croatia – Kraljevi ulice and 75 Cents -“Romanca” (-1)
  23. Poland – Isis Gee -“For Life” (+1)
  24. Germany – No Angels –“Disappear” (-1)
  25. Romania – Nico and Vlad -“Pe-o margine de lume” (-5)

Lets enjoy the amazing performance of ‘Shady Lady’ by Ani Lorak:

Angelo D.

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