#Eurovisionagain: Dana International wins again the 2016 contest

#Eurovisionagain: Dana International wins again the 2016 contest

#Eurovision Again  gives the opportunity to Eurovision fans to watch once again the past Eurovision Song Contests and feel again the excitement and the joy from each edition. Each Saturday at 21:00 CET fans can watch the past editons and experience the joy and madness of the contest without any interruptions. Last night the 1998 edition was rebroadcasted once again followed by a new online fan voting. 

The iniative came from a group of fans that uploaded past editions and was adopted by the EBU on its official Eurovision Youtube Channel. Once the competing part is over the viwers have the chance to cast their votes and determine a new result for each edition.

Eurovision 1998

Last night the 1998 editon of the Eurovision Song Contest was broadcasted again with Dana International and her entry Diva topping the online voting confirming her lead once again. Same results for the United Kingdom and Imaani which came 2nd followed by The Netherlands in 3rd place taking Malta’s place who was actually the thrid runner up back in 1998. Here is how the overall scoreboard came after last night’s #Eurovisionagain:


The #Eurovisionagain results so far

So far the new winners of the contest have been Katrina And The Waves for the 1997 edition , Carola for 2006 ( with Lordi coming second).  Alexander Rybak and  Emmelie De Forest remained the winners of 2009 and 2013 respectively.   On April 25 the 2007 contest hit the screens once again with the online voting crowning winner Verka Serduchka with Dancing Lasha Tumbai  leaving second Serbia (the actual winner back in 2007). Previously the 2015 edition was broadcasted and  Mans Zelmerlow maintained the first winning place with Belgium and  Loic Nottet coming 2nd.

On May 2 the 2016 editon of the Eurovision Song Contest was broadcasted again with Dami Im and her entry Sound Of Silence topping the online voting instead of the actual winner Ukraine which came 4th while in 2nd place we saw Bulgaria with Poli Genova!

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