#EurovisionAgain: Eleni Foureira’s “Fuego” wins the online voting for the 2018 contest

#EurovisionAgain: Eleni Foureira’s “Fuego” wins the online voting for the 2018 contest

#Eurovision Again has given the opportunity to Eurovision fans to watch once again the past Eurovision Song Contests and feel again the excitement and the joy from each edition. Each Saturday at 21:00 CET fans can watch the past editons and experience the joy and madness of the contest without any interruptions. Last Saturday night the 2018 edition was rebroadcasted followed by a new online fan voting that saw the Cypriot representative, Eleni Foureira, win the contest with her entry “Fuego”.

Eurovision 2018

This time the edition of the 2018 contest was rebroadcast on the ESC Youtube channel,  bringing on our screens the spectacular performances in Lisbon and the exciting voting results of the jury and televoting which then crowned winner Netta with her entry “Toy”.

However things didn’t go exaclty the same for Netta in the online voting that took place online on Twitter as Cyprus with  Eleni Foureira and her entry “Fuego” put fire on the scoreboard by topping it with a large margin. Second came Israel with Netta while in 3rd place we saw  Madame Monsieur from France. A remarkable 4th place for Sara Aalto’s “Monsters” which from second last entered the top 5 followed by United Kingdom with SuRie.

Check out the overall results in the following Twitter post:


Lets enjoy Eleni Foureira’s winning performance of “Fuego” once more and in case you miss out the show you can watch again the speicific edition of the contest on the official ESC Youtube channel.


Angelo D.

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