EurovisionAgain: The fan rewatch party returns on June 19th

EurovisionAgain: The fan rewatch party returns on June 19th

#EurovisionAgain fan-inspired recurring party returns for a new series on June 19th.

#Eurovisionagain reunion party series that kept ESC fans company during last year’s tough quarantine period of Covid-19 returns for a third season.

The first to launch such an initiative was a group of fans who uploaded previous events, while the EBU followed through its official Eurovision channel on Youtube.

The idea was implemented as COVID-19 restrictions led to national lockdowns and the final cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Once the competition part of the competition was over, the public had the opportunity to vote and create a new result for each edition.

#Eurovision Again gives all Eurovision fans the opportunity to watch the previous editions of the Eurovision Song Contest again and enjoy the Eurovision party from each contest and feel the joy and excitement of the contest without interruption.

The new season of repeat parties will return on the third Saturday of each month of 2021:

  • Saturday 19 June
  • Saturday 17 July
  • Saturday 21 August
  • Saturday 18 September
  • Saturday 16 October
  • Saturday 20 November

The Story So Far

With TV broadcasting rights being extremely complicated, especially when you combine the copyrights of many songs with countries that may not yet exist, aspires to bring to our screen the older versions with the best quality.

So far here is which editions have the fans been able to rewatch again: 


  • Brighton 1974
  • The Hague 1976


  • Gothenburg 1985
  • Dublin 1988


  • Zagreb 1990
  • Rome 1991
  • Dublin 1997
  • Birmingham 1998
  • Jerusalem 1999


  • Riga 2003
  • Kiev 2005
  • Athens 2006
  • Helsinki 2007
  • Belgrade 2008
  • Moscow 2009


  • Malmo 2013
  • Copenhagen 2014
  • Vienna 2015
  • Stockholm 2016
  • Lisbon 2018

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