‘Eurovisioncalls’ with NikkieTutorials to unwind from May 4 on Youtube

‘Eurovisioncalls’ with NikkieTutorials to unwind from May 4 on Youtube

On the way to  the special Eurovision show “Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light”  that will be replacing on May 16 this year’s cancelled Eurovision final Nikkie Tutorials will be unwinding her Eurovsioncalls on Youtube

The beauty and leading world wide Youtuber, Nikkie de Jager, will be hosting a new series of online conversations with the Eurovision 2020 participants. From 4 May and on the famous Youtuber and blogger will be asking the artists how they are in the current, how they took this yesr’s cancellation, what they’ve been up to recently during the days of quarantine and what are the future plans.

The conversations will give an additonal chance to the audience and the fans to get to know this year’s unlucky contestants and find out how their Eurovision performances would have been present on Rotterdam Ahoy’s stage.

The Eurovision call will accompamy us from May 4 until May 16, the day the special show ‘Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light’ will be broadcast.


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