Finland 2018: Saara Aalto for Finland

Finland 2018: Saara Aalto for Finland

And yes we have the 2nd participant for Lisbon. Afte Belgium, Finland is the second country that confirms the name of the participant for Lisbon. Saara Aalto the famous among the eurofans artist, will fly the Finnish flag is Portugal. In a press conference which was hosted by  Krista Siegfrids and Mikko Silvennoinen, The Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, revealed that this year Finland has chosen internally her participant for ESC. Saara Aalto, has already tried 2 times in order to represent her country in 2001 and in 2016. She also was the runner-up in X-factor UK in 2016. Saara will perform 3 songs on the 3rd of March at Espoo Metro Areena, in order to choose the song she will perform in Lisbon. International and public voting will choose the winner in UMK 2018.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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