Finland 2018:First rehearsal for Saara Aalto

Finland 2018:First rehearsal for Saara Aalto

Time for Finland to rehearse today with Saara Aalto and “Monsters”.This year, the country’s public broadcaster had decided to select its representative through direct assignment, with Saara had tried twice to represent her country in the past, without success. So, after the three songs nominated in Finland’s national final, Saara, public and a jury selected the “Monsters”.
Saara wears a black outfit covered with crystals, glowing with headlights, and black boots. It is accompanied by four dancers – singers while on stage there is a star-shaped platform with stairs, on which the singer stands. Then she goes down and the song ends with Saara falling into the hands of the dancers. However, there is also a finding that when the singer is over, she is rotated by the dancers. The colors that dominate are purple, blue and gold, while there are fireworks towards the ending of the song.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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