Finland: 3 pre-shows before the grand Final

Finland: 3 pre-shows before the grand Final

Only a few hours away from Finland’s national final, UMK (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu) when we all excitedly will find out the song that will travel with Saara Aalto in Lisbon in May.

As we already know, the potential songs are three, “Monsters“, “Domino” and “Queens”, and this Saturday we will learn who will represent the country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Shortly before the big final, we will see three pre-shows through the official UMK pages on Facebook and Youtube.

The first show will start in a a few minutes and through the UMK page on Facebook  and Youtube Channel you can get a small taste from the UMK 2018 stage and have a look at the backstage of the big event.

The pre-show will be presented by Mikko Silvennoinen,which will take a mini interview from Saara and her txo backing singers,Tuuli Ikonen and Heli Lyytikäinen.

On Friday, March 2, Mikko Silvennoinen will talk again with Saara and also with Krista Siegfrids live from the Metro Arena. We will also receive exclusive videos from the arena.

Christoffer Strandberg, also,will be there in the green room during the three shows. The Friday pre-show will start at 17.30 CET.

On Saturday night, just an hour before the final, Mikko Silvennoinen will chat with Mel C. The Spice Girls star will also appear in the final of UMK 2018. The pre-show on Saturday will start at 17:15 CET.

Last year’s Finnish representative Norma John will also perfom in the pre-show on Saturday,presenting live their second single, “Hellfire”. It is rumored that next to Mel C, we may see  some of the surprise guests playing in the finals.

UMK 2018  will kick off at 18:00 CET. Saara will sing three songs and the winner will be selected by the international jury together with the Finnish audience.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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