Finland: 3rd semi final is over! We have the final lineup.

Finland: 3rd semi final is over! We have the final lineup.

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 3rd semi final is over. Three more qualifiers won their tickets for the Grand final of the UMK 2016.

Tonight’s qualifiers are:

  1. Tuuli OkkonenDon’t wake me up
  2. Barbe-Q-BarbiesLet me out
  3. SandhjaSing it away

The Final show will be held next Saturday,  27 February at 20:00CET,  in Helsinki. 9 acts will battle for the one and only ticket for Sweden.

The final lineup, after the 3 semi final shows are:

  • Saara AaltoNo fear
  • Stella Christine Ain’t got time for boys
  • EiniDraamaa
  • Cristal SnowLove is blind
  • Annica Milán & Kimmo BlomGood enough
  • Mikael SaariOn it goes
  • Tuuli OkkonenDon’t wake me up
  • Barbe-Q-BarbiesLet me out
  • SandhjaSing it away

Finland will participate in the 1st semi final in Sweden, in the 1st half of the show. This year’s winner will try to bring Finland back in the Final show, after Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät failed to qualify last year in Austria with their song Aina mun pitaa.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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