Finland: Acts and songs determined and more procedure details

Finland: Acts and songs determined and more procedure details

YLE, the Finnish national broadcaster, provided the acts and songs that will compete in UMK 2015, the Finnish national final, to select the Finnish representative in Vienna. It gave furthermore details about their show and the whole procedure of the national selection.

The entries have been split into three semi-finals, consisting of six acts each one. The 2015 Finnish hosts of hte UMK2015 will be  Rakel Liekki & Roope Salminen. The whole plan of the national selcetion has as below:

Semi-final one (February 07)

  • Hans on the bassLoveshine
  • Vilikasper KanthÄänen kantamattomiin
  • Norlan El MisionarioNo voy a llorar por ti
  • Pertti Kurikan NimipäivätAina mun pitää
  • Pihka Ja MyrskySydän ei nuku
  • Satin CircusCrossroads

Semi-final two (February 14)

  • Jouni AslakLions and lambs
  • EeverestLove it all away
  • Otto IvarTruth or dare
  • Opera SkaalaHeart of light
  • ShavaOstarilla
  • SiruMustelmat

Semi-final three (February 21)

  • AikuinenKyynelten Iahti
  • Ida BoisKumbaya
  • JärjestyshäiriöSärkyneiden sydänten kulmilla
  • Angelo De NileAll for victory
  • Heidi PakarinenBon voyage
  • SoljuHold your colours

The Final will take place one week later on 28 February. You can see more details about the UMK 2015  competing songs and artists here

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