The last but not least, sixth  UMK 2020 has been released. Catharina Zühlke ‘s song entitled “Eternity” completes the serial of entries released for the Finnish national final. 

Catharina Zühlke has participated in the past in the Finnish national final, in UMK 2017 with her entry Perfect Villain. At the present time she is making a comeback with a ballad that talks about the pwoer of love. Behind the composition of the song are  Marcia “Misha” SondeijkerRoel RatsJosefine MyrbergHenrik Tala and Catharina Zühlke herself.

Listen to the music video of the song “Eternity” below:

The UMK 2020 nationa final will see a total of six contestants and  is set to tale place on March 7Let refresh our minds on the national final line up and all released entries :

 The Finnish national final will be presented to us by Mikko Silvennoinen and Krista SiegfridsThe final winner and next Finnish Eurovision act will be tdetermined by a jury and public voting (50% each)