Finland: Darude’s first UMK 2019 candidate entry “Release me” revealed

Finland: Darude’s first UMK 2019 candidate entry “Release me” revealed

Darude’s first candidate song for Finland’s national final  UMK 2019, was released late this evening. The song is entitled  Release me and performer of it will be Sebastian Rejman. 

Finnish broadcaster YLE had announced at the end of January that DJ and EDM icon Darude will be their representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. He will be joined by vocalist Sebastian Rejman from the band “The Giant Leap” for his three Eurovision songs, out of which one will be chosen as the Finnish Eurovision entry during the live broadcast of “UMK 2019” on the 2nd of March.

Today the first of the three songs to compete in the national final of UMK 2019, was released. Listen to the Release me on the following links below:


You can listen to the song on Youtube too:

The next two competing national final songs by  Darude and  Sebastian Rejman will be officially revelaed on 15 and 22 February while the national final is set to take place on March 2.

What do you think of Darude first potential Eurovision entry? 

Angelo D.

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