Finland: F3M’s UMK 2020 entry “Bananas” is out

Finland: F3M’s UMK 2020 entry “Bananas” is out

As we are heading to the Finnish national final UMK 2020, one more competing act revealed its competing entry. It was time for F3M to release their music proposal for Eurovision 2020. 

Following Tika , Erika Vikman and Aksel Kankaanranta , the fourth UMK 2020 contestant, the female group F3M revealed their competing entry entitle “Bananas“. Τhe three member female group consists of Viv, Baby O and Miara and their entry according to the jury that selected it is a catchy dance pop song which will convey strong pop vibes to the audience.  Behind the music and lyrics of the song are  Olli Äkräs, Hanna Ollikainen and Rafael Elivuo.

The UMK 2020 nationa final is set to tale place on March 7 and will be presented to us by Mikko Silvennoinen and Krista Siegfrids. The final winner and next Finnish Eurovision act will be tdetermined by a jury and public voting (50% each) . 

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