Finland: Information on Saara Aalto’s performances in the UMK final

Finland: Information on Saara Aalto’s performances in the UMK final

On Saturday, March 3, the final of UMK18 will be held, and  this year’s Finnish representative at ESC, Saara Aalto, will perform live on stage her three entries and the winning song will travel with her to Lisbon.

The three potential entries , as we already know, for the final of UMK18 are:

  • Monsters – by Saara Aalto, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Ki Fitzgerald
  • Domino – by Thomas G: son, Bobby Ljunggren, Johnny Sanchez, Will Taylor, Saara Aalto
  • Queens – by Farley Arvidsson, Charlie Walshe, Tom Aspaul, Saara Aalto

Yesterday, more information on her stage performance was given. Brian Friedman, who has worked with great artists such as Britney Spears, Beyonce and Mariah Carey, is hiding behind the three performances. In addition, Brian is not unknown to Saara since he belongs to the British show ,  X Factor, choreographers, show in which Saara Aalto in 2016 came second. Lukas McFarlane and Reija Wäre will also help Friedman in his difficult job.

Below you can watch one of Saara’s appearances under Brian’s artistic direction:

Staging of Songs

1st performance- Monsters

In her  first appearance, she will be flanked by experienced dancers. This is a powerful choreography in which we will watch  Saara Aalto move and dance, something she is born to do. The performance factors of her appearance said that it will be an epic choreography. Also, there will be props on stage, which can be used by the dancers.

2nd appearance – Domino

In her  second performance, Saara will be on a pedestal on which dominoes will form and  there is a chance to see Saara on the air.

3rd appearance – Queens

This is perhaps the best choreography of the three as it will be much more demanding and spectacular than her appearances at The X Factor. The queen, Saara Aalto, will be in a beauty studio and many events will happen that will require the dancers to synchronize.

The costume choices

In addition to the information about the choreographies of the songs, all three Saara’s costumes were revealed for the final night.







The UMK18 Final will be held on Saturday March 3rd at 18:00 CET and the result will be determined by public and jury voting.


Fotis Kourouvanis

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