Finland: Saara Aalto’s 3rd song leaked

Finland: Saara Aalto’s 3rd song leaked

Saara Aalto, as it is already known, is the Finnish representative at the upcoming Eurovision contest in Lisbon.

Through this year’s UMK18, we will learn the song with which Saara will compete on the Eurovision stage.

We have already known the first two Saara’s songs for this year’s UMK final, which are “Monsters” and “Domino“, to which we have referred in our previous articles, which you can find HERE and HERE respectively.

Now, it’s time to listen to the final entry of the Finnish singer, the third song entitled “Queens“.

During this week, Saara, as she had done for her previous 2 entries, revealed updated  information on her participation.

It seems that this particular song is the most important for her. In more detail, through her official Facebook page and through a video, she tells us why this song is important to her. She presents who the Queens of her life have been and have inspired her in creating her album, including the 3 entries for this year’s UMK18.

Through her post, she met the Queens of her life, who they are considered to be brave women and have made the world better with their love and example.


Among them, you distinguish Oprah Winfrey, Dana International, Meri’s fiancee, Tove Jansson, Princess Diana, Elphaba from Wicked.

In addition, through  another post she introduces us the women who think she is the light of her life and have made her life better.


These are Spice Girls, Michelle Obama, Taina’s mother and Cleopatra.

Shortly before, the “Queens” video clip leaked before the scheduled date, and  you can watch it  below:

After the “Queens” leak, the presentation of Saara Aalto’s three songs for UMK18 is now completed. The final of UMK2018 will be held on March 3rd.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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