Finland: The Rasmus selected for Eurovision 2022

Finland: The Rasmus selected for Eurovision 2022

The Rasmus is the big winner of UMK 2022 and will represent Finland at Eurovision 2022 with the song “jezebel”.

The presenters of the show were Vesala and Mmiisas. Guest stars appeared on the show were VesalaJVG and  Blind Channel last year Finland’s representative in Amsterdam.

A total of 7 contestants compete in the final of UMK 2022.

The 7 contestants who took the stage tonight were:

1.The Rasmus – ‘Jezebel’

2.Isaac Sene – ‘Kuuma jäbä’

3.Olivera – ‘Thank God I’m an Atheist’

4.BESS – ‘Ram Pam Pam’

5.Younghearted – ‘Sun numero’

6.Cyan Kicks – ‘Hurricane’

7.Tommi Läntinen – ‘Elämä kantaa mua’

The results

The results was determined by international juries (25%) and public voting (75%).

The votes of the international jury were first announced with the scoreboard of the jury as follows:

The overall result was completed with televoting votes added by those of the jury, after which the Rasmus won and is the representative of Finland in Turin, leaving in second place the band Cyan Kicks and in third place Bess:

Rasmus will be performing in the first half of the 2nd semi final on May 12 in Turin, Italy. 

News Source/Image: YLE

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