Finland: The titles of the remaining Saara Aalto’ s songs were revealed

Finland: The titles of the remaining Saara Aalto’ s  songs were revealed

It is already known that Saara Aalto was chosen to represent Finland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. As the days went by, we were learning more and more details about her participation. On March 3rd, the national final will be held to select the song by which Saara will represent her country.

Last night, Finland’s national broadcaster announced the titles of the remaining Saara Aalto songs. Initially,  the first song is “Monsters” released yesterday.

The second song is titled “Domino” and is written by Saara Aalto, Thomas G son, Bobby Ljunggren, Johnny Sanchez and Will Taylor. Finally, the third song is titled “Queens” and its composers are Saara Aalto, Tom Aspaul, Daniel James Denis Goudie and Ash Milton. We do not know any further information about the songs (such as the genre they belong to, etc.) and it is also not known which of the two songs will be released next Friday.

UMK 2018, Finland’s national  final, will be held on March 3 as mentioned above. In this we will watch the presentation of the three songs and the winning song as well. The song which will fly to Lisbon will be the one that will gather the largest percentage of votes from the viewers and the international jury.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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