Finland: Tika releases her UMK 2020 entry

Finland: Tika releases her UMK 2020 entry

The first song to compete in the upcoming Finnish national final of  UMK 2020, has gone public as Tika has already released her entry. 

Tika – I Let my heart break

The first show to compete in UMK 2020 was released by Tika  and is entitled  “I Let My Heart Break” :

About Tika


Tika was born at Nepal and grew up in Sweden. The young singer is a Swedish citizen but lives for long terms in Finland. She has participated in the   Swedish Idol , The Voice of Finland. In 2018 η Tika won the second season of  X-Factor Finland, during which her coach and mentor was Saara Aalto.

Tika stated to the Finnish broadcaster:

I have submitted an application to UMK because i love Eurovision and i believe that UMK is an amazing idea. I have the opportunity to take part in it and that’s so wonderful!


Next UMK 2020 entry to go public will be  Cicciolina” by Erika Vikman on January 24.

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