Finland: YLE asks fans opinion on Saara’s performance in Lisbon

Finland: YLE asks fans opinion on Saara’s performance in Lisbon

Saara Aalto and the song «Monsters» is this year’s Finnish entry at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in May.On Saturday, March 3rd , Saara presented live on stage three potential  songs, with Monsters to have won the ticket to Lisbon.

Saara Aalto herself said, one day after the UMK18 Final that her performance on the Altice Arena will be very different from this in UMK.

Now, the public broadcaster of the country, YLE, has come to grips with the appearance of Saara in Portugal. In particular, it asks the fans of the contest across Europe to send their suggestions on how they want to see Saara Aalto on the Eurovision stage next May,Those interested should enter the YLE page and leave their comments and ideas about the appearance of the Monsters on stage.

It seems that the negative reactions of the fans on the unsatisfactory appearance of Saara at the UMK Final made Finland to rethink  how «Monsters» would be presented in  the final of May 12.

The stage performance  of Saara Aalto, as is well known, will be directed  by Brian Friedman, with whom she has collaborated when she participated in X Factor UK in 2016, taking second place.

Saara Aalto and the Monsters will compete in the second half of the 1st semifinal  on May 8th.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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