Finland: YLE to broadcast the special documentary “Eurovision Diaries”

Finland: YLE to broadcast the special documentary “Eurovision Diaries”

The Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, will be releasing the documentary “Eurovision Diaries”, a special program about Eurovision fans. 

YLE, will be broadcasting a special documetary focusing on the hard core of Eurovision fans, an entertaining and intimate description of the life of Eurovision fans. The documentary sheds light on the lives of Eurovision fans across the globe during the 2019 Eurovision Season, up to the contest taking place in Tel Aviv.

What does the world look like in the eyes of Eurovision fans? How serious is their fanaticization and how does the fan community work? How do fans surnive their PED, Post Eurovision Depression? are some of the aspects the documentary will be highlighting. The Eurovision Diaries documentary will feature  Finland’s Eurovision 2013 representative  Krista Siegfrids, who has made the voice coverage for the documentary.

Eurovision Diaries will kick off on YLE Arena on April 6 and one week later on Yle TV1 at 20:50 locam time.

Source: YLE

Photo cover: YLE

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