Finland: YLE to determine its Eurovision 2021 act and entry through UMK 2021

Finland: YLE to determine its Eurovision 2021 act and entry through UMK 2021

According to the Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, Finland will determine it Eurovision 2021 act and entry through the format of UMK open to all acts. Therefore Aksel Kankaanranta who was this year’s representative won’t be internally selected to return next year. 

YLE, has confirmed that Eurovision 2021 representative will be selected through the national final format of UMK 2021. The song search opens September 1 at . This year Aksel Kankaanranta , won the national final with his song “Looking Back” but lost the chance to perform on Rotterdam Ahoy’s stage once the EBU cancelled this year’s contest due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

UMK producer Anssi Autio says:

The year is a long time for any song and Eurovision has new music. Aksel may choose to participate in the new song next year, but the jury of professionals will select the contestants and ultimately the voters will make the selection.

The rules for the UMK21 national selection will be published in June at in in Finnish, Swedish and English. The pre-qualifying  songs of the national final will be conducted again by a panel of experts from UMK, chaired by Tapio Hakanen, Music Manager at YleX .

Thus Aksel Kankaanranta , will have to compete with a new song in next year’s national final if he wants to perform on the Eurovision stage next year. This year Aksel was to represent the country with “Looking Back” :

News Source: YLE

Cover photo: Yle / Miikka Varila

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