First Eurovision Asia to be held in December 2019

First Eurovision Asia to be held in December 2019

Through the Australian Tv program of Nine News Gold Coast, it was announced that the first Eurovision Asia will take place in a distance of 13 months from today.

The specific news were initially publised on the personal Twitter account of journalist Brendon Wolf. However this morning the Nine News Gold Coast tv program made public what in the past would seem unreal. First Eurovision Asia to be held in December 2019.

The contest will be held over 8 days, from 30 November 2019 to 7 December 2019  and it will include red carpet ceremony, press conferences, rehearsal for the big night and will conclude with a phantasmagoric 3 hour show on Saturday December 7. Rumors want the event to take place in Australia but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. A total of 16 acts from Asia and Oceania will take part in the competition while the final winner will be determined by a combination of public and jury voting.

On Nine News Gold Coast, China, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates were mentionedas potential participants in this very first edition of the event. The finalized list of participating countries will be revealed next May. However, this Eurovision event won’t be held annually but will take place every 4 years for the first 12 years. After this period it is not sepcified what will happen.

What do you think of this development? Are you in favor of seeing the Eurovision project expand to other parts of the globe?


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