First Rehearsal for Belarus.

First Rehearsal for Belarus.

After the break it’s time for Belarus to rehearse on stage for the first time. This year the country is represented by the group Naviband which is formed by Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenia Zhuk. Naviband’s entry Story of my life brings back a traditional ethnic sound maintaining the whole song in its national language. Composer of the song Artem Lukyanenka himself.

The members of the band before getting on stage stated nervous performing on a stage like Eurovision’s one, but expressed their excitement for the whole experience.

In the press room despite hearing the sound from the rehearsal the press didn’t manage to see it , as the monitors were turned off.

The band had no really issues with the sound and checked the lightning as they appeared on stage having the white color prevailing and the female artist wearing traditional Belarusian outfit. In a futuristic setting , singing on a aircraft as a floating city in the sky that travels over all and fireworks at the end the artists completed their first rehearsal for Belarus.

Angelo D.

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