France 2018: Head of French Delegation to reveal France’s expectations

France 2018: Head of French Delegation to reveal France’s expectations

Talking to the local media,  the head of the French deldegation, Edoardo Grassi revealed that the target of this year’s participation is only the victory. If they do, the three candidate cities are already ready to host the next Eurovision.

According to Grassi, the only concern of the people of the French deldegation this year is to remove the obstacles they find in front of them on the way to Mercy’s victory.

“We aim to the victory, but if that does not happen, let’s be at the top5. That is higher than Amir’s sixth position in 2016”.


Amir’s participation in 2016 is a milestone for French public television, since it effectively overturned the country’s bad luck in the contest and increased Eurovision’s domestic interest in the institution.

“I want to be honest, though I do not like the big words. We have a very strong participation this year, not only because of the message it carries, but because there is a great enthusiasm and acceptance from our country in the contest now.”” 

Edoardo Grassi believes that one of the main reasons for Mercy’s great acceptance is the very successful national final they have organized, Destination Eurovision.

“Destination Eurovision had helped us to gain more publicity for our participation since then. Amir broke the ice and Alma has consolidated the foundations of work that has been taking place over the last three years. It was the right time this year to organize a national final. This has created a strong publicity around our song.”


Hearing the good news of finding Mercy and her mother in a refugee camp in Sicily, Grassi expresses his satisfaction and concern for any overexposure that may face a mother and daughter from her.

The second big news from this interview is at the end, as Edoardo Grassi reveals which cities will be candidates for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, if Madame Monsieur return to France with trophy in their luggage.

“Lille, Lyon or Paris seems to me to be the cities that could accommodate such an event. However, we are ready to prepare for this.”

Fotis Kourouvanis

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