France 2018: Who is little Mercy?

France 2018: Who is little Mercy?

The song “Mercy” that will represent France this year in Lisbon refers to a real story.Little Mercy is a little girl born on March 21 at sea. Her refugee mother,who attempted via the Mediterranean to pass to Europe, was rescued along with 945 refugees from the humanitarian organization SOS Mediterranean France.

She was born on Aquarius shortly before entering Catania’s port in Italy. Of course, her mother survived along with the little one, while her father is still ignorant. The news that became viral on social networks moved the electro-band band Madame Monsieur, who decided to write a song about this literally creepy story.

Mercy currently lives in a refugee camp in Sicily with her mother. It was spotted by journalists from France Inter.

The French television visited them and so one-year Mercy and her mother listened for the first time through a cell phone to the song that was written on the basis of their true story.

Mercy’s mother wished the song to go as good as possible in the contest, and she wished her best for her little daughter, having always been on the long journey she had made to reach Europe, she had in her mind.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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