France: 2nd Semi final Results of Destination Eurovision 2018.

France: 2nd Semi final Results of Destination Eurovision 2018.

The second semi final of Destination Eurovision, France’s national selection , has just reached its end and the last spots in the final have been determined after tonight’s show.

Tonight the 9 remaining contestants battled for the last 4 spots in the grand final performing in front of a six member jury. Winners of the night were Madame Monsieur, Max Cinnamon , Igit and Nassi. After these last 4 qualifiers we have the whole picture of the final that will take place on the 27th of JanuaryThe winner of the final will represent France in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest next May in Lisbon.

The host of tonight’s show was the French Canadian artist Garou, while the six member jury was formed  by three locals and three other countries’ Head of Delegations.

The second semi final , as the first one, was taped and the judges that determined this evening’s results were:

  • Amir – 2016 French representative (achieving an honorable 6th place with 257 points)
  • Isabelle Boulay – French Canadian singer
  • Christophe Willem – French Pop Idol winner
  • Christer Björkman (HoD Sweden)
  • Nicola Caligiore (HoD Italy)
  • Olga Salamakha (HoD Belarus)

The show began with a recap of the first semi final qualifiers. Guest star of the night was Marie Myriam, France’s last Eurovision winner back in 1977 with her song  L’oiseau et l’enfant.  After performing last year’s winning Eurovision song , Amor Pelos Dois, she performed her own winning song alongside with the three judges and the host on stage. The audience captured by the moment sang along with the artists. Enjoy Marie’s performance on the video below:

In the competing part of this semi final night the 9 acts performed on stage as following:

  1. Lucie – My World
  2. Madame Monsieur – Mercy
  3. Jane Constance – Un jour j’ai rêvé
  4. Nassi – Rêve de gamin
  5. Igit – Lisboa Jérusalem
  6. Max Cinnamon – Ailleurs
  7. Sarah Caillibot – Tu me manques
  8. Sweem – Là-haut
  9. June The Girl – Same

Apart from their competing entries the contestants performed covers of well known songs. After the contestants had completed their performances , Isabelle Boulay,member of the jury, got on stage to perform some of her latest hits.

The night closed with the jury’s votes and the final results. Each judge had to vote for his top 6 favorite songs using the voting scale 2-4-6-8-10 and 12 points for the best song.


Therefore the 4 acts with the highest score that will join the other 4 semi final 1 qualifiers in the grand final are:

  • Madame Monsieur – Mercy
  • Max Cinnamon – Ailleurs
  • Igit – Lisboa Jérusalem
  • Nassi – Rêve de gamin

Next Saturday 27/01 the grand final of Destination Eurovision will take part and will be aired live. The 8 qualifiers from the two semi finals will perform on stage their entries once more while a combination of public voting (50%) and a 10 member International jury voting (50%) will determine the winner and France next Eurovision representative..

The International jury will consist of the three head of Delegations that voted in the two semi finals  (Sweden, Italy and Belarus) alongside with 7 more from other countries ( Bulgaria, Armenia, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Iceland).

The grand final of  Eurovision will be aired live next Saturday, January 27 at 20:55 CET and the eight finalists that will battle for the golden ticket are.

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