France 3 unveils its candidates

France 3 unveils its candidates

France 3 has revealed its three proposals for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in the TV show Les Chansons dábord hosted by Eurovision star Natasha St.Piere. The three hopefuls have sung their songs live.

The first group was the boyband Destan and their song Sans toi (Without you), performed in English and French. A typical ballad with a predictable choreography.


The second song was Ma liberté (My freedom), performed by Joanna both singer and composer of the song. It is a strong and powerful french ballad.


The last song was the casual one of the night, the trio Twin Twin together with 3 dancers with the song Moustache, a colourful and trendy song.


The TV show was recorded last december. Some other french representatives were also present in the gala, such as Marie Myriam (1977), Amaury Vassili (2011) and Anggun (2012).

Lines are open now to vote for the candidates in the French eurovision website . The final gala will be held on March 2.


Juanma Lopez

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