France: Alma was the 2nd choice for ESC 2017

France: Alma was the 2nd choice for ESC 2017

We already know that Tijana Bogićević was the 4th choice of Serbia in this year’s contest. Not only Serbia asked other artists to represent the country in Kiev but also France had an other choice.

Claudio Capéo a famous French singer was the first artist that the French delegation approached in order to represent their country. Claudio stated that they proposed to him to represent France in Kiev but he refused due to workload.

Claudio Capéo is a 32 years old French artist who became famous after his participation at The Voice – France. Although he was eliminated in the Battle shows, the French audience loved his first single  Un homme debout which hit No1 in the charts of France and Belgium. The official video clip of the song has already 75.000.000 views.

In an Interview at the 20 Minutes on Facebook live, Claudio reviled that the French Broadcaster asked him to represent France in 2017 but he turned them down.

” It would have been very dangerous for me. I am very self-conscious in such situations. If i failed, i would have to deal with the reactions here in my country. I saw how hard Alma had to work and i already had a huge load of work”.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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