France: Alvan & Ahez selected for Eurovision 2022

France: Alvan & Ahez selected for Eurovision 2022

Alvan & Ahez are the big winner of Eurovision France: c’est vous qui décidez”  and will represent France at Eurovision 2022 with the song ”Fulenn.

The presenters of the show were Laurence Boccolini and Stéphane Bern. Guest star appeared on the show was Barbara Pravi  last year France’s representative in Amsterdam.

A total of 12 contestants compete in the final of Eurovision France: c’est vous qui décidez.

The 12 contestants who took the stage tonight were:

1.Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn

2.Cyprien – Ma famille

3.Elia -Téléphone

4.Elliott – La Tempête

5.Hélène in Paris – Paris mon amour

6.Joan – Madame

7.Joanna – Navigateure

8.Julia – Chut !

9.Marius -Les chansons d’amour

10.Pauline Chagne – Nuit Pauline

11.Saam -Il est où

12.Soa – Seule

The result

The results was determined by public voting (50%) and jury (50%) in two rounds of voting.

The jury consisted of the following members:

  • Jenifer (Head of the jury)
  • Gjon’s Tears
  • Yseult
  • André Manoukian
  • Nicoletta
  • Augustín Galiana
  • Joyce Jonathan
  • Cyril Féraud
  • Élodie Gossuin
  • Sundy Jules

In the first round, the public voting selected five songs for the second and final round. The jury selected one more song that was not selected by the public voting to qualify for the second and final round. A total of 6 songs qualified for the second and final round.

The five songs chosen by the public’s televoting were:

  1. Marius
  2. Alvan & Ahez
  3. Elliott
  4. Pauline Chagne
  5.  SOA

The song chosen by the Cretan committee was:

1.Cyprien – Ma famille

The votes of the  jury were first announced with the scoreboard of the jury as follows:

The overall result was completed with televoting votes added by those of the jury, after which the Alvan & Ahez won and is the representative of France in Turin, leaving in second place Pauline Chagne and in third place Soa:

News Source: France 2/ Eurovision France/ tele-loisirs

Image: France 2

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