France: Listen to the English and Spanish version of “Mercy”

France: Listen to the English and Spanish version of “Mercy”

“Madame Monsieur”  continues to promote “Mercy”, this year’s French participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. After London and Tel Aviv, they will be in Amsterdam for the Eurovision In Concert. The English and Spanish version of the song has been released, which you can listen to them through their official Youtube account.

Having won the sympathy and recognition of all those who have watched them in their live appearances so far, Madame Monsieur continues their intense preparations for their appearance in Lisbon.

Having as their allies the polls and bets that bring them to the top ten position of the final, the French delegation is optimistic for a good place this year as.

The Eurovision duo will be dressed for the Eurovision Song Contest by Jean Paul Gaultier, who declares his fanfare fan. It was suggested by him and Madame Monsieur, of course, enjoyed it.

Below you can listen to the English and Spanish versions of Mercy:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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