France: National broadcaster reveals the Destination Eurovision 2019 semi final split

France: National broadcaster reveals the Destination Eurovision 2019 semi final split

French national broadcaster France Televisions announced in which semi final will compete each of the 18 contestants of  Destination Eurovision 2019, the national selection  format through which France will determined it Eurovision 2019 act for Tel Aviv.

The French channel revealed the final distribution of participants in the two semi final rounds. A total of nine acts will compete in each semi final. The semi final allocation developed has following:

1st Semi Final (12 January) 

2nd Semi final (19 January)

This year’s edition of  Destination Eurovision, will see some changes from last year. The French national selection will unfold as following:

  • All three shows (2 semi finals and final) will be aired live, while the national final is set to take place on January 26.
  • The outcome in all three nights will be determined 50% by an international jury and 50% by the public voting.
  • Four songs will qualify from each semi final round .
  • The experts panel will not have any role in the final outcome. The national jury will consist of three members, formed namely by:
    • Christophe Willem
    • André Manoukian
    • Vitaa
  • The international jury will include a total of 20 countries, a set of 5 countries for each semi final and 10 more for the national final.
  • Garou will host the show for 2nd consecutive year.

Destination Eurovision  was used for the first time as the country’s national selection format in 2018, including two recorded semi final shows and a live grand final. Last year was the first time France held a nationa final since 2014. Last year’s winners was the duo Madame Monsieur who reoresented France in Lisbon with their entry “Mercy” which finished 13th.

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