France: No return to Eurovision 2021 for Tom Leeb

France: No return to Eurovision 2021 for Tom Leeb

The Eurovision 2020 Frence representative, Tom Leeb revealed while he was the guest of Mickaël Dorian in “Good Morning Week-end” on Non Stop People that he won’t be back for Eurovision 2021. The singer referred to his overloaded schedule that won’t allow him to make a comeback for next year’s contest.

Tom Leeb revealed on Non Stop People that he will not ultimately participate in Eurovision 2021. The French act stated:

“We agreed with France Televisions and it is they who will give a real answer to this. I have a pretty busy schedule next year so I couldn’t do Eurovision”

And the French performer continued saying:

“It’s official! Other things are coming my way, but France Télévisions will give a very specific answer”.

An overloaded scheduled

On Non Stop People, just couple of days before in June, Tom Leeb had mentioned his projects. “I have a film by Nicolas Cuche which will be released this summer and which is called” Spoiled rotten “with Gérard Jugnot, Arthus, Camille Lou. There is the magnificent film by Julien Rambaldi,” C’est la vie “, c ‘is a film about women who are going to give birth, a family comedy “, indicated the singer in” The Debrief of Non Stop “. “And in television season 2 of” Infidels “on TF1 with Claire Keim”, adds Tom Leeb.

Tom Leeb was set to represent France at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with his entry ‘ The Best In Me’.

Thus, France joins the group of countries that will be selecting a new representative for the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, in Rotterdam.

Source:  Non Stop People TV

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