France: The four qualifiers of Destination Eurovision 2019 semi-final 2

France: The four qualifiers of Destination Eurovision 2019 semi-final 2

During the second semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 the second set of nine acts competed but only four could advance to the grand final, which is set to take place next Saturday in Paris.

The night opened with Netta Barzilai as a special guest, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, performing her winning song “Toy.”

Tonight’s results were determined by the combination of televoting (50%) and the voting of an international jury consisting of:

    Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan (Armenia)

    Zoë Straub (Austria 2016 – “Loin d’ ici”)

    Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic 2018 – “Lie To Me” )

    Natia Mshvenieradze (Georgia)

    Christer Björkman (Sweden)

Just like in semi-final 1 the French national jury was made up of the successful and popular singers and composers in the French music scene Christophe Willem, André Manoukian and Vitaa. They commented on the participant’s songs and performances without having the right to vote or determine the qualifiers.

Tonight’s 9 acts hoping to fly the French flag with their song at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv were:

    1. Gabriella   “On cherche encore (Never Get Enough)”

    2. The Divaz “La voix d’Aretha”

    3. Ugo“Ce qui me blesse

    4. Tracy de Sá “Por aqui”

    5. Emmanuel Moire   “La promesse”

    6. Noémie“Ma petite famille”

    7. Seemone – “Tous les deux”

    8. Doutson “Sois un bon fils”

    9. Philipelise“Madame la paix”

Right before the presentation of their Eurovision song the 9 acts performed a short cover of a French or international song on stage. The grand variety and diversity of their cover choices can be seen in the list below:

One of the highlights of the night also was the appearance of EBU Executive Supervisor of Eurovision , Jon Ola Sand, expressing his satisfaction for the French National selection.

ola sand




1. Emmanuel Moire – “La promesse”: 56 points
2. Seemone – “Tous les deux”: 53 points
3. The Divaz – “La voix d’Aretha”: 28 points
4. Gabriella – “On cherche encore (Never Get Enough)”: 18 points
5. Doutson – “Sois un bon fils”: 15 points
6. Tracy de Sá – “Por aqui”: 13 points
6. Philipelise – “Madame la paix”: 13 points
7. Ugo – “Ce qui me blesse”: 8 points
8. Noémie – “Ma petite famille”: 6 points



Therefore the four acts that go to next week final are:

The combined votes of the five-head international jury voting and the public televote determined the 4 acts that will join Bilal Hassani (“Roi”), Chimène Badi (“Là-haut”), Silvàn Areg (“Le petit Nicolas”) and Aysat (“Comme une grande”) in the final on January 26.

Michael Vollmer

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