France: The international jury’s members of Destination Eurovision 2019 1st semi final

France: The international jury’s members of Destination Eurovision 2019 1st semi final

The internationl jury which will determine by 50% the first semi final result of France’s national selection Destination Eurovision 2019 has been unveiled.

On January 12 the 1st semi final of this year’s French national selection, Destinstion Eurovision 2019, will take place. The national broadcaster unveiled the name of the jury that will cast its votes, contributing in the final outcome by 50%.  The 5 members of the jury are:

  • David Tserunyan: Armenia’s Head of Delegation and composer of  Eurovision and Junior Eurovision entries.
  •  Tali Eshkoli: Co producer in Eurovision 2019 and organiser of Israel Callin pre-Party.
  • Paul Jordan: Well known as”Dr.Eurovision”, ΒΒC expert in Eurovision and ex EBU communication manager  .
  • Sanja Vučić: The Serbian representative in 2016 with the entry Goodbye/Shelter (18th place).
  • Carla Bughalo: Head of the Portuguese Delegation, member of EBU’s reference group of Eurovision.

These judges will not play any role in the 2nd semi final or final results. The jury in these shows to follow will come from different countries from the ones on the first semi final . We remind you that the 9 contestants of the 1st semi final round are :

From Saturday’s show four acts will qualify to the Grand final that is set to take place on January 26. Garou will host the show for 2nd consecutive year.

Destination Eurovision  was used for the first time as the country’s national selection format in 2018, including two recorded semi final shows and a live grand final. Last year was the first time France held a nationa final since 2014. Last year’s winners was the duo Madame Monsieur who reoresented France in Lisbon with their entry “Mercy” which finished 13th.




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