France’s First rehearsal

France’s First rehearsal

After the 2nd rehersals of the first semi final, it is time for France  and Amir to get on stage for the first rehearsal. Amir is wearing a blue costume with a white T-shirt. The dominant colour of this rehearsal is blue. A moving universe was shown on the background, consisting of planets and  rays of silver and purple light and a moon was displayed on the floor.  In the end of the act the stage was  lighted in the colours of the French flag. Amir was standing in the center of the stage singing and smiling. Is that enough for France to be considered as a candidate winner? The stage is too big and Amir is just standing there……

“I arrived yesterday morning and it feels great to be here. It looks like a positive city. People are kind and relaxed. The weather is good,” said Amir




Stefanos Charpantidis

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