FYR.Macedonia: Eurovision 2011 participant Vlatko Ilievski found dead at the age of 33

FYR.Macedonia: Eurovision 2011 participant Vlatko Ilievski found dead at the age of 33

The artist that represented FYR Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Vlatko Ilievski, was found dead last night in the capital city of Skopje.

The singer was found in a Toyota car last night at 23:00 local time, where Ilievski had already passed away according to Press24, Until this time no probable cause of death has being mentioned .

The news of the artist’s death came 5 days after his birthday (2nd of July) when he reached the age of 33 and has left a grieving feeling in the whole Eurovision Community.

Vlatko’s story

Vlatko Ilievski was born in Skopje. At age of 12, he started playing guitar and singing in local bands in Skopje. In 2000 he performed at the Macedonian Rock-Fest with the band “Made in Macedonia”, and won two prizes.

In 2000, the Macedonian rock band Morality (Морал) asked Ilievski to join their band. In 2001, they recorded songs and in 2003 they finished the album, “Koga Patuvam”.

 Since 2007, Ilievski he has embarken on a solo career, performing in many festivals throughout the country, including Ohrid Fest, Makfest and Skopje Fest. His first solo concert was on 5 June 2010, in the Boris Trajkovski Hall, Skopje, Macedonia, one of the largest arenas in the country. He filled the venue with an audience of around 10,000, in duet with Tamara, and was joined on-stage by his old band.

Next year the artist managed to reach the Eurovision stage by winning at the country’s national final, Skopje Fest, a total of 19 entries. Ilievski competed in the host city Düsseldorf with his song Rusinka, performed both in the Macedonian and English languages. However he eventually finished in 16th place in their semi-final with 36 points.

He again participated in Skopje Fest 2015, the national selection for Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 , in a duet with Risto Samardžiev with the song Sever-Jug. They tied in last place, 14th place with 0 points.

Let’s remember Vlatko’s Eurovision 2011 performance in Germany :


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