FYROM 2018: First rehearsal for Eye Cue

FYROM 2018: First rehearsal for Eye Cue

Second day of rehearsal today and FYROM kicks off today’s program. FYROM is represented by Eye Cue  with the song “Lost and found”.After a short microphone checking and some technical problems, the lead singer got on stage wearing a pink dress,joined by guitarist for the opening. The backing ingers are wearing all black with orange or pink fabric waves around the waist. After a while, the lead singer joined the backing vocalists and then she approaches the drummer and the quitarist. Backing colours are blue and yellow.

at the end of the song, they all moved to the center of the stage, on the bridge,and the lead singer and guitarist end at the start of the steps looking at one another.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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