FYROM: “Barbara Dex” Award to Eye Cue

FYROM: “Barbara Dex” Award to Eye Cue

The fans of the contest also voted for the “Barbara Dex” award, for this year’s Eurovision,  which was given to Eye Cue from FYROM. It is unknown, of course, whether the prize was for both members of the band or only Marija Ivanovska, who also gathered all the negative reviews.

According to the organizers of the vote, Eye Cue was the clear winners, since they were not threatened at any point in the vote. In second place was Jessica Mauboy (Australia) in the third Sennek from Belgium, in the fourth Vanja Radovanovic from Montenegro and in the fifth Netta from Israel.

The Barbara Dex Award is awarded since 1997 to the worst-dressed contestant. It was named in honor to Barbara Dex, who in 1993 represented Belgium and commented strongly on her bad dress.

Never before the winner of the competition ever won this prize. In 2007, Verka Serduchka won the prize, but she came second in the competition. The t.A.T.u in 2003 was third at Eurovision, but then won the prize. Another winner of Barbara Dex who went well in Eurovision was Rona Nishliu from Albania in 2012. For most of the years, Barbara Dex winner either does not qualify to the final or has bad results in the final of the contest.

This is the second time FYROM wins the Barbara Dex award.

 ” Barbara Dex” Winners:

Year Country Artist Place
2018 FYROM Eye Cue 18th -semi
2017 Montenegro Slavko Kalezic 16th -semi
2016 Croatia Nina Kraljic 23rd
2015 the Netherlands Trijntje Oostershuis 14th-semi
2014 Lithouania Vilija Matačiūnaitė 11st-semi
2013 Serbia Moje 3 11st-semi
2012 Albania Rona Nishliu 5th
2011 Georgia Eldrine 9th
2010 Serbia Milan Stanković 13th
2009 Hungary Zoli Ádok 15th-semi
2008 Andorra Gisela 15th-semi
2007 Ukraine Verka Serduchka 2nd
2006 Portugal Nonstop 19th-semi
2005 FYROM Martin Vučić 17th
2004 Romania Sanda Ladoși 18th
2003 Russia t.A.T.u. 3rd
2002 Greece Michalis Rakintzis 17th
2001 Poland Piasek 20th
2000 Belgium Nathalie Sorce 24th
1999 Spain Lydia 23rd
1998 Germany Guildo Horn 7th
1997 Malta Debbie Scerri 9th

Watch below Eye Cue’s performance which gave them the Barbara Dex Award:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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