Gabriela Gunčíková: I Stand because people have believed in me

Gabriela Gunčíková: I Stand because people have believed in me

Today, we are going to show you something special! It’s the interview with Gabriela Gunčíková. She’s 22- years old singer, finalist of local Pop Idol and winner of many Czech Music Awards, she has  connected with trans-Siberian Orchestra for many years. She talked to us about her life, attitute before Eurovision Song Contest and about Michał Szpak!

Bartłomiej Chodyna: At first I want to ask you why you decided to join to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016?guncikova

Having competed in other singing competitions before, I thought this would be a unique opportunity for me. When I think of Eurovision, I think of it like Soccer World Cup .  Here’s what I mean. Over 40 countries get together and compete for songs and artists that best represent their country. How awesome is it to have very unique countries and people from very different backgrounds, competing and yet supporting each other at the same time. There are a few things in this life that can produce this kind of community, and the thing that unifies us his music. I personally do not see this as someone being better than someone else. I see it as a chance for unification.

BC: Are you afraid of “Czech bad luck” Your country’s never been in the final, but your song is magnificent.

„Luck” is a funny word. When I played handball for my country on the national team, the more I practiced the „luckier” I became. There is no difference here. I am very proud to represent my country. And I’m honored to get the opportunity.

BC: Why have you chosen Swedish authors, not Czech?

I actually work with many great musicians from all over the world. As some of you may know I work with some of the greatest musicians in the world in trans-Siberian Orchestra. In this case an opportunity opened up to work with some fabulous Swedish composers. When something great, it’s just great. As I said before,  what I love about this about this „competition” is that very diverse people can get together and aspire towards greatness with a view towards inspiring others.

BC: Have you heard the rest of participant? What do you think about them? And what do you think about Michał Szpak?gabriela guncikoowa

I think „Real Hero” is a fabulous piece. I think Color Of Your Life has a great cross between the songwriting of the Beatles and well-crafted pop. He will be a formidable opponent for Eurovision for me!

BC: Could you tell us something about your performance?

Whenever I perform, I pour my heart and soul into everything I do. This song has great meaning for me because many ways it is the story of my life. I Stand because people have believed in me. I hope to inspire them the way they have inspired me. My goal is and always has been to strive to be „the real deal.”  I want people to know they can count on me to be a pillar. I feel this is the case with my performance for I Stand.

BC: Have you followed Eurovision in past?

Yes of course I believe everyone has followed Eurovision where they wanted to or not ha ha. It’s too big to go unnoticed:-).

BC: How Czech people treat Eurovison?

They’re very excited. And I am excited to represent my country. I hope I make them proud and do it justice!

BC: What do you think about previous representative of Czech?

What I love most not only about previous representatives of the Czech Republic (as well as from all countries) is to see the contestants getting better and better. This is what makes it more interesting for the fans. This year we have some great competition and I’m looking forward to the challenge!.

BC: What is the most important thing in your life?

That is a big question and could easily take up volumes to say. But I’ll keep it simple. The most important thing in my life is to be true to myself. Many people go through their entire lives not knowing who they are or where they are going. I daily try to perfect myself and understand who I am, why I am here, where I am headed and how I can inspire others positively. This is very important to me.

BC: Can you tell us something about your hobby except music?

Another very big question. I love art, I love philosophy, I love to travel , I love good food and good people to share it with. I love my family, I’m sporty, I love challenges and new experiences. I’m open to most anything. :-)

BC: What will you do if Czech Republic will win Eurovision with you?

#1 I’ll be grateful. #2 it is my hope that it will pave the way for more people from my country to see themselves to be all that they can be and not let anything hold them back. #3 I’ll look forward to celebrating it as a win not just for me but for my country and all those who dare to believe it was possible.

BC: Who is your inspiration in music?guncikova1

I’m not sure I fully understand this question so I will answer the way I interpret your question. If you mean what artists inspire me, I have an extremely diverse pallet. My daddy used to play the greats of 80s metal in the car growing up. We would have long drives to the Ocean where he would blast Iron maiden and many other great artists. This was very influential for me. But at the same time I also have a love for any great songwriting. (And believe it or not I love Opera). Anything great inspires me and I can appreciate most anything if it is well done.

BC: Have you ever been in Poland? Are you going to visit us?

I have not yet been but I hope to get there soon and see some of the incredible medieval architecture!

BC: What are your plans after Eurovision?

My plan has not changed from before Eurovision. And that is to make the best music I can make to continue to do it I love. To write, create, perform and inspire!

BC: Could you tell something for Infe Poland?

Any country that can boast having 17 Nobel Peace Prize winners, having turned out some of the greatest scientific minds such as Nicolaus Copernicus and Jan Hewliusz and is fought and won for their own freedom more than 40 times since the 1600s must have an incredible character of their people.


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