Georgia 2018: Get to know Iriao

Georgia 2018: Get to know Iriao

Ethno – Jazz Band Iriao aka Iriao is a band that will represent Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. They are a jazz and ethno folk group which was founded in 2013 in Georgia and  the leader of the group is David Malazonia.  The group is know in Georgia for the combination of traditional Georgian polyphonic singing and jazz. Members of the group are David Malazonia, Nugzar Kavtaradze, Bidzina Murgulia, Levan Abshilava, Shalva Gelekva, George Abashidze and Mikheil Javakhishvil.

In Lisbon the groyp will perform their song ”Sheni gulistvis” which means ”For you”. This will be the first time that the song of Georgia will be entire in the Georgian language. Composers of the song are David Malazonia, Mikheil Mdinaradze and lyrists is Irina Sanikidz.


Georgia is participating in the contest since 2007. The country withdrew in 2009 but returned next year. 10 participations in total, 7 finals and 2 times in the top-10 of the final scoreboard.  Last year, Tamara “Tako” Gachechiladze, represented Georgia with the song ”Keep the faith” but failed to move on to the Final show.


Dgheo gadiddi
Tovli gaadne
Visats upro shests’ivda ghamit
Is metad gaatbe

Chemtvis k’i ara
Chventvis anate
Guli skhvisi bednierebit gaakhare

Mze amosvlas ar agvianebs
Sitbos achukebs adamianebs
Da dedamits’a siq’varulit t’rialebs

Skhvisi gaigo, skhvistvis gaigo
Guli ra aris tskhrajer tskhrad tu ar gaiq’o
Skhva q’velaperi, karma ts’aigho
Sheni mkholod is aris, rasats skhvistvis tmob

Dghe at’enebs ghames
Tu shens gverdit var me
Raghats mtavrdeba, raghats its’q’eba
K’vek’anad sik’ete iko, aris da ikneba

Sheni gulistvis
T’undats erti ts’ut’istvis
Isev vagrzelebt gzas
Rasatsa gastsem shenia

Stefanos Charpantidis

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